Developing Leaders who create Cities of Peace for all People.

Hybrid/Online Formation Experiences



Advance your mission and build community by going deep with a group of dynamic leaders who share your call and passion.


Cohort Trainings

Engage a series of workshops, trainings and courses with a global community.  

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Vision Trips

Take a trip across the globe or across the street and see with fresh eyes.

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You will Learn to ...

See and Celebrate Good News in Hard Places.

Do Theology from Below.

Become Fully Human.

Why the Urban Training Collaborative?

The world continues to stream to our cities. The choice is clear. Evolve or die. We must find ways to bridge differences, so that everyone belongs. Creating cities of peace for all people is not a solo venture. In our interconnected world, Isolation is not an option. The Urban Training Collaborative is a dynamic and diverse learning community who gathers around the city and her most vulnerable with simple question:

What are the ways of seeing, doing and being, that free us to love our cities into greatness? 


Questions, Not Answers.

All participants of the collaborative are guided by a framework that helps us develop simple, repeatable and highly contextual formation experiences that induct leaders from all walks of life in the shape of their own vocation and call. It’s called the Incarnational Framework developed by Street Psalms who convenes and gives leadership to the Urban Training Collaborative. The Framework puts the city and her most vulnerable at the center of our concern and asks a series of questions concerning the message, method, manner of Jesus’ mission that frees up the messenger to love and serve. The framework helps facilitate four major paradigm shifts in the life of a leader and organization that ultimately calls forth a community in mission capable of creating cities of peace for all people. 


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