This platform functions like a locally rooted and globally connected virtual hub. Together we joyfully induct leaders, over time into new ways of seeing, doing and being that frees us to love and serve. This includes opportunities for contextual theological formation, spiritual formation and social action, but most importantly it is a space dedicated to cultivating a community of the Incarnation who sees and celebrates good news in hard places.

This resource is calibrated to help form, not just any leaders, but particular kinds of leaders - incarnational leaders who are formed and shaped by the life of Christ for the sake of the most vulnerable. We are particularly well-suited for grassroots leaders who are historically underserved and overlooked, who often lack the resources, or the accessibility necessary for theological and spiritual formation.

The UTC is carving out a space where it is safe to ask and explore the most pressing questions facing humanity and our cities in the context of difference. We are creating a space where curious conservatives and humble progressives can “work it out” together across difference.

These leaders come from all walks of life who are…

  • Asking big questions.
  • Creatively maladjusted.
  • Rooted locally.
  • Madly in love with their city and the most vulnerable.
  • Holy Discontents with the status quo.
  • Committed to Justice and Mercy.
  • Embedded in community.
  • Eager to learn in the context of difference and diversity of all kinds.
  • Rooted in their spiritual tradition but excited to learn from other traditions.
  • Curious about God in whom in there is no violence.
  • Looking for holistic models and skills of loving cities into greatness.
  • Happy to be free of patriarchal, colonial forms of faith formation.
  • Thirsty to become contemplative-activists.
  • Ready to live scapegoat free lives.

Street Psalms is responsible to cultivate this platform on behalf of the Urban Training Collaborative. Our role is to help identify, co-create, redistribute and measure the effectiveness of training throughout the network. This turns network partners into active content creators and collaborators and is critical to scaling our collective impact. In an increasingly global urban world, learning from each other is no longer a novelty made possible by technology, but a vital resource necessary for urban transformation.

Street Psalms sees three primary themes that are core to this platform:

  • Relational: Real change happens in relationships over time. Everything this platform does is to bring people together and sustain the community in mission.
  • Inductive: Ths platform supports forms of formation that honors the inductive nature of how humans become human.
  • Inclusive: This platform privileges the margins with the expectation that what works for the margins will work for the whole, without excluding those at the center. This means all identity is shaped with and for, not over and against.

We are looking for partners who will share our call to form and shape Incarnational leaders.


If you are in need of support for the website or app please email us at: connect@streetpsalms.org